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Dina's Toy Chest:

Beyond 2000 Ribbed Bullet

Hold on…wait a minute… I am still catching my breath. This toy is wicked, wild and wonderful. Who needs a man when you have the Beyond 2000 Ribbed Bullet? Or better yet, always have a Ribbed Bullet on hand when you have your man!

At first glance this bullet reminds me of a rattlesnake tail and, just like a rattlesnake, it got my attention. This Cadillac of bullets has 10 intensity levels starting from “light” to “so intense you can’t help but curl your toes and squirm”. It also has 5 different vibration rhythms. The first setting is just a steady vibration, my personal favorite. The second setting builds the vibration intensity up and then scales it down. The third setting is similar to the second but at a faster frequency. The fourth setting teases you with 2 short bursts of vibration followed by one longer one.

Finally, the fifth setting is continuous short bursts of vibrations, just keeping you on the edge.
The control has two sets of LED’s that light up to indicate the setting you are on. The sound gets louder as the vibrations get stronger, but that is to be expected and the bullet will get warm to the touch after extended use. This toy can definitely be enjoyed by both partners. The vibrations travel through your body and can be felt by your lover. If you are not selfish, you can even use it to directly stimulate his sensitive areas.

The only downfall when testing the Ribbed Bullet is that it is very easy to change settings accidentally. This can be a party pooper if you are right there and suddenly, BAM…there is a change in intensity or rhythm. Other than that, I give it two thumbs, and two toes up. I LOVE it. In fact, this is one of the very few toys that qualified for the multi-orgasmic award. I just kept going and going. If you are attempting to see how many times you can orgasm in a row this would be the toy to do it with. For those who are sensitive, I advise proceeding with caution.

The Ribbed Bullet takes 4 AA batteries and can be found on Xandria.com. And after experiencing what it did for me during my test session I suggest you click here immediately and order one right now!

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